The Full Character of The Father and Son Revealed in Their Hebrew Names Using the Hebrew Aleph-Bet

The Full Character of The Father and Son Revealed in Their Hebrew Names Using the Hebrew Aleph-Bet:  by Suzanne G Steiner as Inspired by The Ruach HaKodesh

Note: All information in this study is in full agreement with Scripture’s depiction of Yahweh’s Character and Yahshua’s Heart.

Part 1- Abba Yahweh’s Name Defined HaShem or Tetragrammaton

     After my own personal and brief study of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet, I realized that this was indeed, without a doubt, a ‘Living Language’ given by the Holy Spirit/Ruach HaKodesh. Out of curiosity, I decided to see if the Sacred Names of the Father and Son would reveal The Character, The Heart and The Purposeful Mission for us, The Whole House of Yisrael (both, Judah and Ephraim), to be One Body with One Heart, One Mind and One Shepherd(The Tov/Good Shepherd). You will see that my expectations were met and then some!!

     YHVH“Yod-Hey-Vav/Waw-Hey” also known as “HaShem” or “The Name” within many Jewish circles, as men forbid them, to utter the Name of their Elohim, Yahweh. This is due to a misunderstanding of the Third Commandment: Exodus/Shemot 20:7; [Gimel/gl] “You shall not bring the Name of hwhy your Elohim to vain emptiness; for hwhy will not hold him guiltless that brings His Name to vain emptiness.”  hwhy is the Sacred Name for the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moshe, as well as all the Prophets of Old. The Name is also known as the “Tetragrammaton.” Ancient Hebrew was written without vowels, unlike the mispronounced form, ‘Yahovah/Jahovah’, as found in most Scripture translations.  These vowels came out of Babylon from the Arabic Language and later were adopted by the Hebrew Scribes; who were in exile, at one time, within Alexandria, Egypt.

(Note: On some of the blog sites this article might be posted on, the Hebrew Text may not show up correctly. Example: The Hebrew spelling for ‘YHVH’, may appear as, ‘hvhy/hwhy’)

The Symbolic Meaning:

  1. Yud/Yud/y =10 and has a Pictograph of an arm and hand, which symbolizes “work, deed, to make/create, ability.”
  2. Hey/Ha/h =5 and has a Pictograph of a man with arms extended openly, which symbolizes “behold/see, to reveal, exist, adore, breathe” and can also be a direct article “The” as in ‘Ha’-Shem/The Name.
  3. Vav/Va/Waw/v/w =6 and has a Pictograph of a peg or nail, which symbolizes “to add, to secure, to fasten, to hook” and is also used as the conjunction “And” as in, “VaYakhel“, which means “And assembled.” (One of the Torah Portions)
  4. Hey/Ha/h =5 and as defined above, has a Pictograph of a man with arms extended openly symbolizing “behold/see, to reveal, exist, adore, breathe” and as above, stand as a direct article “The.”

**Notice how obvious it is; that ONLY Yahweh/Yahshua could have Created the Living Language of Hebrew, which is a Pure/Holy Language (Acts 26:14). Each Letter is symbolized by something He Created and that we ALL can relate to no matter where you come from or what your education level might be or not be; this is Spirit and Truth at Its Finest. **

The Literal Meaning:

  1. Yud/Yud/y – The ‘Arm and Hand,’ which has the ‘Ability to Create’ by ‘the Work’ of  ‘His Hands’ and shows ‘Deeds’ of Mercy.
  2. Hey/Ha/h – He is Our Abba with ‘His Arms Extended Openly’ as an Invitation for Him ‘to Reveal’ Himself’ to us; He ‘Adores’ us and Is The ‘Breath of Life;’ He ‘Beholds and Adores’ us as a Bridegroom does His Bride. He ‘revealed’ Himself to the Patriarchs at Mt. Sinai and to the Prophets through His Torah as, ‘Creator of Heaven and Earth and the Fullness of it’. He ‘revealed’ Himself to the Apostles, the House of Judah and The House of Ephraim-Israel, as Messiah ben Yoseph, the Suffering Servant.
  3. Vav/Va/Waw/v/w – He is the One Who ‘Secured our Debt’ for the Forgiveness of Sins and ‘Nailed’ them to the ‘Execution Stake’ by the Shedding of His Blood and Giving His Life for the Remission of our Sins. He also did this in order ‘To Add’ Yisrael’s  Lost Sheep/Lost 10 Tribes (non-Jewish Tribes) back into the Fold as Equal Heirs of the Promise made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. By this, He has ‘Fastened Together,’ as One, All that the Adversary has torn and divided. He made a Marriage ‘Covenant’ with All of Yisrael at Mt. Sinai and ReNewed it(see: Acts 2) to ‘Add’ Yisrael back into the Commonwealth/Covenant of Marriage;  Annulling the Certificate of Divorcement (Hebrew word, ‘Get’) He had given Ephraim-Yisrael for their Whoring and Backsliding. This is indeed Marvelous in our Eyes and His as well!!
  4. Hey/Ha/h – Once again, Yahweh will ‘Reveal’ Himself through Yahshua upon His Return; this time as Messiah ben David, Melech HaMelachim(King of kings) and El of elohims. He Will ‘Breathe’ the Spirit of Life, Truth and Understanding in and upon All who seek Him and His Torah. Yahweh will ‘Behold and Adore’ His Bride, Yisrael, as they become One with Him and will ‘Dwell/Exist’ Eternally with Him and He with us. Amein! Amein!

Part 2 is still in rough draft and is titled, “Part 2-Messiah Yahshua’s Name Defined”, using the same Spiritual Formula. Shalom and Enjoy!

Yah is Salvation/Yahweh-Yeshua


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