I’m 49 years of age, married to Charles A Steiner for 24 years, have a son and a daughter who have blessed me with a Granddaughter from each of them plus an extra Granddaughter from my daughters husband, who is viewed as our flesh and bone! 

I’m a Believer In YaHuShuA, Ha Moshiach as the Redeeming and Creative Right Hand of Abba יהוה! 

I’m Torah Observant and set aside Yom Shabbat to study the Torah Portions in Spirit and In Truth as the Apostles and YaHuShuA did so as well! In doing so, I have come to realize the difference between the Hebrew Spiritual Thought of the Great minds and Writers of the Scriptures verses the Greek/Roman Worldly thought that has twisted and sadly led the sheep to the slaughter house in a state of confusion! Our Spiritual and Civic leaders have failed us, some through ignorance and some deliberately in order to keep a hold on Worldly Power over the Ekklesia of Yahushua, Ha Moshiach! May their dominion crumble at His Feet upon His Glorious Return!! 

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  1. This site is About my Favorite Issues, my Family and my Friends! I Love the Written Torah & the Living Torah, Yahshua! I have been married to Chuck Steiner for 24 yrs. We have 2 wonderful children; a daughter, Jami and a son, C.J.! Added to our family is a Granddaughter from my son and 2 Granddaughters from my daughter! I hope and pray they have a wonderful and Blessed life filled with joy and happiness!!


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